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The roar of a finely-tuned racing engine is music to the ears while abrupt silence due to a failed part, such as a pump, is definitely not. When the heat is on, and the pressure is high, only the truly capable can stand up and meet the performance levels needed. It’s just as true in auto racing as it is in life, maybe even more so. Our team at Johnson’s High Tech Performance has been answering that challenge for more than 45 years now with auto parts made to meet the highest tolerances and extreme conditions.

Taking the Heat and Coming Back for More

Not only do the products we manufacture meet the standards expected of them when failure is not an option; they exceed them and offer increased performance levels. It’s a highly specialized skill and process, even more so when you consider the tolerances and high-quality machining and manufacturing techniques we use. Our parts are crafted to face incredible stresses and strains during hot laps on the track and then come back for more. 

Racers can’t control a lot of factors on the track, but they can control the type of parts they use to build powerhouse machines. When those racers, crew chiefs, and techs think high-performance engine oil pumps, they think of us.

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Outlasting the Competition

A lot of races all come down to attrition. Talent, power, and skill are vital elements, of course, but for grueling conditions and tracks that chew up and spit out most racecars success often lies in outlasting the other guy. When you have a car that’s dependable enough to go the distance, the checkered flag will be yours. 

Our racing auto parts are unique in the fact that when other parts fail, ours become more efficient. For those extreme environments -- think a hot day on the oval or drag strip -- using our products translates to greater horsepower and reliability for your racing engine. 

Part of the attraction of racing is that it’s a game of chance, but don’t take a chance with the components you use to build and maintain your racer. Use the best ones you can find. Use parts from Johnson's High Tech Performance.

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